Experiment began in 2003 as a music project of Atanas Burov (Burofar). Before that, Burofar was helping his older brother (Azo) in his experimetal project HEDTRIPS a.k.a [T.I.D.H].

Passed two years of chaotic wandering in endless space of the labyrinth of Burofar’s own imagination in search of his own personality.

In 2005, the ethnic motives gradually began to dominate and initiate a significant change in these experiments.

* BalkanHED is born. And the long journey in Hybrid Electronic Dimension makes a sharp turn.

Azo completely abandon their project HEDTRIPS and concentrate on working on new songs for his younger brother. Begin preparation of the first album of BalkanHED, which became reality only in 2007. The album is titled “Balkan Dream” and contains a compilation of the best 21 tracks for the period 2005-2007. The album is a limited edition and is distributed free (on CD) only for real lovers of that experimental music genre and friends of the band.

Passed several months of complete silence, consider new ideas. The band is working on a 3D video for their first single of Balkan Dream album – “Burden”, but due to lack of funds and time, the video is frozen.

In 2008, the band released a new mini-album Diva E Lena (EP), which is distributed only through their website as a bonus package (limited edition).

2009 – Return of the Prodigal [maxi-single]
2010 – BalkanHED is frozen
2011 – The album “Breme (Burden Time)” is planed but not released
2012 – BalkanHED worked hard on “iDeM”
2013 – iDeM live @ Rock the Park 
2014 – Borduna – Tatkovoto (BalkanHED ReMiX)
2015 – Oratnitza – Zhelkya (BalkanHED ReMiX)
2018 – Inspire [Maxi-Single] EP (coming soon)…

BalkanHED’s compositions are with non-standard rhythms, unusual innovatory & eccentric ideas – hard (synth) melody-sounds dominate. The tracks are mixed attractively with folklore instruments, typical for Bulgaria & Balkans – gaida (bagpipe), gadulka (rebec), kaval, tambura, tapan (davul) & etc.

* [Balkan Hybrid Electronic Dimension]


BalkanHED – Balkan Hybrid Electronic Dimension

Founded: 2005

Genre: Electronica / Electronic / Ethno
SubGenre: BreakBeat / Progressive Breaks / Drum’n’Base / Ethno / Fusion / Experimental

Home Town: Yambol
Current Location: Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe
Record Label: BHED Records (Indie)
General Manager: A. Burov

Control Panel & Live Performers:

[ BUROFAR ] (Founder, 2005 – present)
– programming & composing, sаmpling, computers, mixing & digital sound design;

[ AZO ] (Co-Founder, 2005 – present)
– programming, computers & settings, vox, conceptions;


BalkanHED live @ Nishto Podobno Fest 2012 [First Gig]

BalkanHED NPF 2012