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27 June 2017

BalkanHED – Living Water 2017 (Free Download)

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Break Wind Productions presents: BWPF023 – BalkanHED – Living Water (Free Download)

“Number 8 free track comes from Bulgarian band BalkanHED who infuse electronica with live elements”

Soundcloud: @breakwindproductions
Facebook Group:

Genre: #BreakBeat #Breaks #BalkanHED

Released by: Break Wind Productions
Release date: 27 June 2017

“Water connects all living and non-living forms on the planet Earth in an unified system, which is regulated by nature itself… Our life, our health and our diseases depend on what water, what information and how much of it runs in our blood and lymph”

Living water is an excellent tonic and stimulant. It accelerates the biological processes in the body, increasing blood pressure, improve the absorption of food, accelerates metabolism, improves appetite, gives energy and alertness.