We Are BalkanHED

We are BalkanHED

We're coming from the Present of the Lost Future
We're carrying a particle Integral of the Virtual Timelessness
We're changing the System into Musical Dimension
We're creating Bridges of Consciousness, New Generation!

We are all over the web! Follow us and join our Family


We are BalkanHED - Hyrbrid Electronic Dimension
(Pronunciation: | bawl-kən :hed |)

BalkanHED’s compositions are with non-standard rhythms, unusual innovatory & eccentric ideas – hard (synth) melody-sounds dominate.

The tracks are mixed attractively with folklore instruments, typical for Bulgaria & The Balkans.

Control Panel & Live Performers

Burofar (2005 – present, Founder) → composing, programming, sаmpling, mixing & digital sound design;

Azo (2005 – present, Co-Founder) → programming, vox, conceptions & settings;

Music Genre

Electronica / Electronic / Big Beat / Breakbeat / Dubstep / Drum 'n' Bass / Ethno / EthnoStep / GaidaStep/ Fusion / Folktronica / Progressive / GlitchHop / Experimental / Techno / Dance / Rave

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