We Are BalkanHED

We are BalkanHED

We're coming from the Present of the Lost Future
We're carrying a particle Integral of the Virtual Timelessness
We're changing the System into Musical Dimension
We're creating Bridges of Consciousness, New Generation!

Cheers to you all for supporting Borduna - Tatkovoto (BalkanHED ReMiX) - We do greatly appreciate it!

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BalkanHED’s compositions are with non-standard rhythms, unusual innovatory & eccentric ideas – hard (synth) melody-sounds dominate.

The tracks are mixed attractively with folklore instruments, typical for Bulgaria & The Balkans.

Control Panel & Live Performers

Burofar (2005 – present, Founder) → composing, programming, sаmpling, mixing & digital sound design;

Azo (2005 – present, Co-Founder) → programming, vox, conceptions & settings;

Music Genre

Electronic / Breakbeat / BigBeat / Drum 'n' Bass / Ethno / Fusion / Progressive / Dance

[Hyrbrid Electronic Dimension]

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